Student ID Cards for Homeschooled Kids

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Home educated students can get a bona fide photo ID card. Use it for public transport discounts, cinema concessions, truancy officer approaches, etc. An intangible benefit is the sense of belonging to a wider group when owning or carrying a … Continued

Extensive Research Tool: NatGeo Library

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Imagine having access to almost 130 years of National Geographic articles, images and videos … We are so pleased to have negotiated access to the National Geographic Virtual Library – including the National Geographic magazine, National Geographic Kids, and National … Continued

Amazing Creative Projects for Term 1

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NCHENZ is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ellen & Pete Jarratt who have an inspiring online creativity school called Jarratt Create & Educate. The Jarratt’s offer a choice of projects which develop creativity, self belief, self awareness, communication … Continued

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