The National Council of Home Educators New Zealand (NCHENZ) was set up as an incorporated society in 1998 for the purpose of advancing the cause of home education in NZ at a national level. We are the only national home education body in NZ, and we have no affiliation to any political or religious group. NCHENZ is run by an elected Executive Committee who are all home educating their own children and who volunteer their time for the benefit of NCHENZ.

We have a Constitution which determines how NCHENZ operates and we provide regular updates to members on our activities.

Membership is free for individuals/families – join here.  We have three main avenues for communicating with members – our NCHENZ Forum, Yahoo, and Facebook.  You can join one or all of these groups once your membership application is received and approved.


Read our latest updates:

Education Act Update – 4&5yr olds

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With the recent passing of the Education (Update) Bill, the resulting changes of which will come into effect on 3rd July, there has been considerable discussion among home education groups about what effect... READ MORE

Student ID Cards for Homeschooled Kids

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Home educated students can get a bona fide photo ID card. Use it for public transport discounts, cinema concessions, truancy officer approaches, etc. An intangible benefit is the sense of belonging to a... READ MORE

Extensive Research Tool: NatGeo Library

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Imagine having access to almost 130 years of National Geographic articles, images and videos … We are so pleased to have negotiated access to the National Geographic Virtual Library – including the National... READ MORE