Unity & Strength

  • To provide a nation-wide forum in which individual home educators and local support groups may work together for their mutual benefit in matters of national, political or common interest.
  • To advance home education in New Zealand, by meeting the needs of home educating families and local support groups.

Information & Support

  • To provide or facilitate access to information, resources, counselling and support services for the benefit of home educators, local support groups and the interested public.
  • To assist home educators and their children to access educational, sporting, employment and other opportunities within the community.
  • To conduct or support research/study about home education in New Zealand.

Voice for Home Educators

  • To educate and increase public awareness of home education, and to promote home education as a responsible, desirable and credible educational choice.
  • To make representation relevant to home education on matters determined by the membership to maintain and improve the present conditions for home educating.