The Executive Committee for 2017/2018 consists of:

Debbie Thomas (Auckland) – Co-ordinator, ID Cards
School-At-Home approach
Debbie and her husband, Martin, have been home educating their six children for a number of years now. They currently use ACE curriculum for their youngest three children, but have used a variety of curriculum over the years including Abeka, NZ Curriculum, Unit Studies and Te Kura. They live on Auckland’s North Shore.

LynnLynn Peake (Tauranga) – Newsletter, Project Volunteers
Eclectic approach
Lynn and John take an eclectic approach to their children’s education, making the most of opportunities to explore their local and not-so-local environment in a fun and informative way. Lynn is a serial blogger and writes, when she has time, about the family’s home education adventures at The Pukeko Patch. They have recently moved to Tauranga.

IMG_5009Meredith Connolly (Waikato) – Correspondence Secretary
Eclectic approach
Meredith began home educating her five children in 2010, but now has three at home due to her oldest two returning to school for NCEA. Her husband whole-heartedly supports her teaching all subjects except geography (she admits she is geographically challenged!). Meredith loves the idea that fellow kiwi home educators from all over New Zealand can band together to support, inform and encourage one another. She is also the MOE liaison for THEN in the Waikato.

CynthiaCynthia Hancox (Horowhenua) – Government Liaison Team
Eclectic approach
Cynthia home educated her five children for over 20 years. She has been involved in supporting home educators with their exemption applications for the last 10 years, and is passionate about encouraging home educators and protecting their rights. Cynthia has a broad knowledge of home education in NZ. The Hancox family live on a small lifestyle block in the Horowhenua, and enjoy growing as much of their own food as possible. Cynthia also writes for her various blogs when she has time.

Processed with Rookie CamTatiana Holmes (Wellington) – Special Education Adviser
Eclectic approach
The Holmes family home educated their oldest son briefly while changing schools and decided to home educate their youngest on a more permanent basis. Their eldest son is now at University while their youngest continues to be home educated. Tatiana has a special interest in the Autism and learning disabilities area, and is actively involved in various support groups for Autism, Aspergers and special needs. Tatiana’s hope is to create a reliable network of assessors, information, and support for Home Educators who fall under the special needs umbrella.

NadiaNadia Sole (Canterbury) – Member Services Co-ordinator, Website Administrator
Unschooling approach
The Sole family live on a large lifestyle block in Canterbury where they have started an extensive native planting project. Nadia and Gavin have three children and they were always aware that they would probably home educate. Nadia started the Secular Home Educators group on Facebook and is a founding member of the Child-Led Learning playgroup (Christchurch) which meets a few times a week – she believes that creating a community of like-minded people has been the most important thing in her home education journey.

AstridAstrid Hendra (Manawatu/Wanganui) – Treasurer, IT Expert
Eclectic approach
Astrid always wanted to home educate any children she had, and the discovery that her daughter has Autism Spectrum Disorder gave her the added incentive to continue down this path. She finds it incredibly rewarding to see the progress her daughter has made over the years and hopes to be continuing to home educate for many years to come.

TanyaTanya Vivier (Taranaki) – Membership Secretary
School-At-Home approach
Tanya and her husband, Chris, started their homeschooling journey in late 2014 when their only daughter began struggling at school. They use a mainly internet-based approach. Home educating also provides them with ample time to focus on their daughter’s ballet competitions and St Johns Cadets. They enjoy seeing the progress their daughter has made while homeschooling so far, and Tanya loves the opportunity to learn alongside her daughter.

GinniGin Taylor (Bay of Plenty) – Social Media & Communications Co-ordinator
Unschooling approach
Gin’s training was in early childhood education and she decided then and there that she’d home educate any future children she had. Now with two girls – one who does football obsessively and the other just as obsessed with ballet and acro – Gin loves the opportunities she can provide them through home educating. Active in her local home education community, she is passionate about supporting new homeschoolers as they find their groove, and supporting them to keep going when it gets tough.


Can you help? We have vacancies on the Executive Committee for:

Meetings Secretary – Gathering agenda items and taking minutes at our monthly online meeting.

ID Cards – This follows a well documented process that is busiest in the first three months of the year then settles down to one or two cards per month for several months before dropping to almost none late in the year.