Your child can have a trial period at school up for to ten weeks (one term) without the need to reapply for a Certificate of Exemption. You should contact your local Ministry of Education office and ask them to put your exemption on hold while your child trials school. Once you make the decision about either staying in school or going back to home educating, you should contact the office again and let them know you have enrolled your child in school now or that you’d like your exemption reinstated.


This is the Ministry of Education policy on how your home education allowance will be affected:


Your Certificate of Exemption and home education supervision allowance may be impacted, depending on how long your child attends school:

0-28 days – no effect on your Certificate of Exemption or allowance

29 days – 10 weeks – no effect on your Certificate of Exemption, but your allowance will be reduced based on the length of time that your child was attending school

More than 10 weeks – your Certificate of Exemption will cease


See the Ministry of Education website for more information.