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  10. I/We are aged 18 years or over and agree to abide by the Constitution of NCHENZ
  11. NCHENZ communicates with members via email, the NCHENZ Forum and Facebook. When your membership has been approved you will be invited to join NCHENZ on Facebook and the Forum - it would be appreciated if you would choose one or both of these methods of communication so that you can be kept informed of special offers to members and other NCHENZ activities. If you choose neither, the only emails you will receive from NCHENZ will be the quarterly newsletter four times per year (you cannot unsubscribe from the quarterly newsletter unless you email NCHENZ to cancel your membership).
  12. I/We understand that receiving the quarterly newsletter by email from NCHENZ is a condition of membership
  13. Membership for individuals and families is free. We welcome donations made by internet banking or via a manual deposit into the NCHENZ Kiwibank account by cheque or cash at your nearest PostShop. The account name is “National Council of Home Educators NZ” and the account number is 38-9014-0162108-00.