SPCA Term 4 Live Education Webinars

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Intended for primary and intermediate students, the SPCA Education webinars are a great way for young learners to learn all about animals and animal welfare, responsible animal guardianship, and the role SPCA plays in our communities. These are six, 30-minute interactive educational webinars that take place online.

Register your learners for SPCA’s Free Live Webinar Series – Term 4
Join Sarah, SPCA’s Education Officer, for interactive and educational webinars – A series of six, 30-minute webinars intended for primary and intermediate learners.

Webinar topics:
1. Who and what is SPCA?
2. Five Domains – what animals need to live a good life.
3. Animals think and feel, just like us!
4. Enrichment – what is it?
5. How young Kiwis can help animals in need.
6. Careers for animal lovers.

Pre and post webinar activity sheets are available for each session.

Learn more and register at the SPCA Education Teacher’s Portal.