Home educated children of NCHENZ members can get a bona fide photo ID card. Use it for public transport discounts, cinema concessions, truancy officer approaches, etc. An intangible benefit is the sense of belonging to a wider group when owning or carrying a card. NCHENZ offers this service only for children who have a current exemption certificate from the Ministry of Education.

Cards have different expiry dates depending on the type of ID card ordered, see below for expiry dates.


*Type of Card

For Christchurch and Timaru – choose Cando, expiry date 31st of the following March
For Auckland Region – choose AT (Auckland Transport), expiry date 31st of the following March
For all other regions – choose the NCHENZ card option, expiry date 31st of the following March

If you require your card within a specific timeframe please discuss this with the ID Cards Co-ordinator (email idcards@nchenz.org.nz). See the options under Cost for tracked letter and courier rates.



Please ensure photos:

  • Show head and shoulders only
  • Are in jpg formatcandocard
  • A file size between 100kb and 1000kb
  • Have the child’s name as the file name

Your card cannot be processed without a photo and your card will be delayed if you do not email the photo in a timely manner. Email the photo to idcards@nchenz.org.nz.



The fee for an ID card is $13.80 per child. The parent/caregiver must be a member of NCHENZ to order an ID card for their home educated child. Membership to NCHENZ is free, go to our membership page to sign up. Cards can be processed urgently for $21.00 per child.

Your ID card will be sent at your own risk at standard NZ Post untracked letter rate unless you choose another option from the form below. You can have your card tracked or sent by courier, it’s up to you. You only need to pay the fee once if you are ordering more than one card.



Payment can be by internet banking, or manual deposit of cheque or cash into the NCHENZ Kiwibank account at your nearest PostShop.

Account name: National Council of Home Educators NZ
Account number: 38-9014-0162108-00

If you do not put your name as a reference on your payment then there will be a delay with your order.

Note, if you make a manual deposit then please add an additional $3 as this is what the bank charges NCHENZ.


Please complete this form for each card ordered and click SUBMIT each time.

Orders must be received by the 17th of the month and are processed on the 20th of each month. Please note that your card will not be processed until you have checked that the information has been input correctly – we will email you a copy of the information on the card and your card may miss that month’s print-run if you do not reply promptly. In addition, your order will not be processed until the ID card fee is showing in the NCHENZ bank account (bank processing times vary between banks and processing does not occur on weekends so please take this into account). If you require a card urgently please email Cathy at idcards@nchenz.org.nz to discuss. ID cards will not be ordered in December or January while our volunteers have a break.


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  10. I confirm that the child I am ordering this ID card for has a current Exemption Certificate from the Ministry of Education
Student Section
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  4. (see Education in New Zealand to calculate your child’s school year)
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  2. Cards going to the same address will be posted together so you only need to add the fee once to your deposit.