All enrolments required by 25th May.  Start date of 31st May 2022.
Enrolments currently closed

Night Zookeeper inspires a love of writing and is designed for children aged 6 to 12. Students create their own magical characters which then accompany them throughout the Night Zoo as they journey through growing their vocabulary, developing new grammar skills and writing creative stories. Writing prompts and story creation lessons about anything and everything are used to produce stories, poems, reports, and other styles of writing. Children get instant feedback on everything they write, as they receive comments from Night Zookeeper characters encouraging them along the way.

The one year subscription begins on 31st May 2022 and costs $70 for one child or $90 for up to three children from the same family household.

  • We must have a minimum of 30 families to go ahead. If you enrol and it doesn’t proceed, we will refund you in full.
  • All enrolments required by 25th May.


Enrolment process:

Complete the form and then make payment (account details are below the form). To take up this offer you must be a member of NCHENZ and remain a member for the duration of this subscription period. Membership is free and very easy to complete, go to our Family Membership form. If you don’t know your NCHENZ membership number click here to request it. Please wait until you have your membership number before subscribing and ensure you use your membership number, your child’s last name, and “zoo” as the reference when making payment. The Night Zookeeper subscription can only be used for a child who has a current Exemption Certificate from the Ministry of Education, or whose application for an exemption is in progress.


Who administers this program:

Gin Taylor manages this program. She is a homeschooling mum in Taupo who volunteers on the NCHENZ Executive Committee. She is not employed by Night Zookeeper. Every single member of the committee is a volunteer. They all have lives outside of the committee, they all have children they homeschool. Some of the Committee members volunteer within their communities, some have part time jobs or work from home. Be kind to these people, they do an amazing job for all New Zealand home educators.


Enrol here:

Log in details will be emailed to you at the time we receive them from the Night Zookeeper team. We will communicate with you via email along this process regularly. Please check your spam/junk folder if you don’t hear anything from us in your Inbox.



Kiwibank account 38-9014-0162108-02
Account name: National Council of Home Educators NZ Inc
Reference: Your child’s last name with the reference “zoo” and your NCHENZ membership number
You can do one payment for all of the children you are enrolling.

Note, if you make a manual over-the-counter deposit at the bank then please add an additional $3 as this is what the bank charges NCHENZ.


Refund policy:

The NCHENZ policy is not to give refunds if you change your mind after making payment unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you feel you have exceptional reasons for requesting a refund, please write to the NCHENZ Committee at within seven days of receiving your log in details and they will consider your request. After seven days it is unlikely that a refund will be approved because NCHENZ will have paid the supplier for your subscription. In the case where a refund is approved, the funds will be paid to the original payer only and a NZ bank account number must be provided. An administration fee of $5/subscription will be deducted from all refunds.


Please note:

While NCHENZ is appreciative of being able to offer a reduced Night Zookeeper subscription to members, please note that this should not be seen as an endorsement or promotion of the program. We offer this as a service to our members simply because the opportunity has arisen and we think our members will be interested.

At a glance …

  • Night Zookeeper is $70 for one child or $90 for up to three children from the same family household
  • Start date is 31st May 2022, expiry date is 28th May 2023
  • This program requires a minimum of 30 families to go ahead
  • To enrol fill in the form below
  • You must be home educating (or intending to) and a member of NCHENZ
  • Pay to Kiwibank account 38-9014-0162108-02