Keywords: School-At-Home, Primary Aged, Structured, Both Parents Working Fulltime
Children: Two – 10yrs, 7yrs

I work evenings so sleep until 9 or 10am. The children eat their breakfast, brush their teeth and walk the dogs before I get up. Over a cup of coffee I’ll ask them questions about how their evening went (when I was at work) then we get on with lessons from about 10.30am. I’ll spend around an hour doing math on computer with each of them then my older one will read alone while I read with the youngest one. There is piano practice twice a day, some chores are required to be done, and then I head off to work at about 3.30pm. Their Dad arrives home and takes them both swimming (they do competitive swimming and training is three times per week), or to piano lessons, skating, or shooting. We use the common room for learning as I rely a lot on the computer for resources. My daughter is seriously dyslexic so she follows a special reading curriculum from the UK. Math is also an online program. Their “schooling” is around two hours a day.