LEARNZ began life 20 years ago as an Antarctic focused education programme harnessing the great stories that came from New Zealand Antarctic scientific research. The concept of the virtual field trip was gradually developed, and LEARNZ is now a gateway to virtual field trips which take students to remote places all over New Zealand, Antarctica and beyond. A subscription to LEARNZ gives you access to online video, audio feeds, and associated activities. Click here to see what LEARNZ is all about and click here to see the places you can go on a LEARNZ virtual field trip. There are many field trips to choose from – you can browse using a map or by searching on a particular topic.

LEARNZ is offering a 30% discount to home educators who are members of NCHENZ. The one calendar year subscription gives you access to all virtual field trips on the site (there are no restrictions in how many virtual field trips you can do or how often). The cost is:

  • $45.50 for one child (reduced from $65) per calendar year
  • $59.50 for two children (reduced from $85) per calendar year
  • $77 for 3+ children (reduced from $110) per calendar year


To subscribe:

Complete the LEARNZ online application form (make sure you confirm you are a member of NCHENZ), the discount will be applied when you are invoiced. LEARNZ rely on honesty as to how many children are accessing the material.

Please note that the subscriptions are managed directly by LEARNZ so any queries should be directed to the LEARNZ team at enquiries@learnz.org.nz. Feel free to give NCHENZ any feedback though – contact us on info@nchenz.org.nz.



“My boys were not happy when they realized the field trip is going to the opera! We started and what a surprise they got! So interesting! Could hardly get them away from computer until they watched it all. Even researched the story line.”

Well done guys you are doing a great job as usual. The ambassadors help to make it fun and more homely.

“Great to have such a range of topics and actually see what is happening and why. Activities are great and relevant to the field trips. Am still learning about the field trips. Think they are fantastic! Thank you for all the time and effort that goes into them, it is much appreciated.”

More testimonials on the LEARNZ website.


While NCHENZ is appreciative of being able to negotiate a discounted subscription to LEARNZ for members, please note that this should not be seen as an endorsement of LEARNZ or promotion of the program. We offer this as a service to our members simply because the opportunity has arisen and we think our members will be interested.

At a glance …

    • LEARNZ offer a large range of virtual field trips to remote places all over New Zealand, Antarctica and beyond
    • NCHENZ members receive 30% off a subscription to LEARNZ
    • To enrol complete the LEARNZ online application form (a question on the form will ask whether or not you are a member of NCHENZ), the discount will be applied when you are invoiced by LEARNZ
    • You must be a member of NCHENZ to access the 30% discount