AdultsJournalBex Lipp is a home educator in West Auckland who set up Me Inc in 2014 with her friend Nicky Perry. They create absolutely stunning gratitude journals for both adults and children. The journals cost $34.95 each. If you purchase using code NCHENZ at checkout you will get 20% discount.

From Bex and Nicky: “One of our favourite quotes – ‘AWESOME ENDS IN ME’ sums up what we are trying to do… to empower individuals to Create Happiness in their own lives. It starts with you because you are awesome! Part of this is the practice of gratitude and we’re so passionate about how gratitude translates into happiness. It is something we are all capable of and have limitless capacity for, yet it is a completely under utilised way of improving your mental and physical health.”

Check out their website for a range of manifesting products, including inspirational prints and vision boards.


KidsJournalChild’s Gratitude Journal, for kids 8yrs+

A hardcover A5 journal with 192 pages. On each day there is a space for your child to enter three things they are grateful for and a happiness scale which can be filled in. Also a number of beautiful hand-drawn colouring pages which have positive affirmations.


Adult’s Gratitude Journal

There are a range of adult options filled to the brim with inspirational quotes, acts of kindness and personal challenges, as well as beautiful hand-drawn colouring pages.