Employment of Home Educated Students

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Home educated students often desire to engage in part time employment to gain work and/or life experience. This can be an excellent opportunity to extend their learning, enable them to try out a job of interest to see if that … Continued

What happens after homeschool?

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“I have five children aged between 29 and 16 years who have all been homeschooled. I have learnt alongside my children. My eldest daughter went to hairdressing school, got an apprenticeship and qualified as a hairdresser. She now lives on … Continued

A typical day for a Homeschooling Dad

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Children: Two – 9yrs, 6yrs On a typical day in our family, we have a mix of strictly timetabled events, important/necessary events that should be fitted into the day at some time, and optional extras that would be nice to … Continued