SPCA Animal Profile Competition

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In this competition, children will have the chance to demonstrate their knowledge and artistic skills when they create an animal profile that incorporates the Five Domains of good animal welfare. Great for animal lovers or for children who would like … Continued

Parents are an Unfair Judge

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GUEST POST BY NCHENZ MEMBER, CHRIS DIXON   I’m not a fair judge of my kids. It’s not that I’m a terrible judge; it’s just I see everything about their lives, and I notice some things more than others. I … Continued


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Produced by Life Education Trust, SMART$ Online is a free tool designed to help teenagers understand how money works, avoid costly mistakes and optimise their earning potential. It contains four fun and informative videos followed by short quizzes to reinforce … Continued

Theatre in Education

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Life Education Trust offers 3 Theatre in Education live performances to secondary aged students, designed to provoke thinking and conversation around key issues impacting rangatahi (youth). • SMASHED is a free alcohol education programme, which covers the risks of underage … Continued