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MoneyTime is an online financial literacy programme specifically designed for NZ children aged 10-14yrs, incorporating 43 self-taught modules and automatically marked quizzes. It covers the full spectrum of financial literacy – from earning, banking and budgeting to borrowing, investing and business. It is highly interactive, with students having to input data regularly throughout the modules. They are rewarded with money for each correct answer to spend on avatars and investments within the programme, which builds confidence in making their own financial decisions. The programme was introduced into NZ schools mid-way through 2018 and already more than 30,000 students have used it.

Parents don’t have to know or do anything – the program is completely self-taught. However there are 13 modules designed specifically for the child to do with their parents. These serve to revise and reinforce the learnings and put them into their family’s context. For hands on parents, MoneyTime provides guides for each module, including learning objectives, key words, exercises and discussion ideas.

Check out the video titled “The online game that teaches kids about money” to see why MoneyTime’s family license is the perfect financial education resource for homeschoolers. For more information visit MoneyTime offer NCHENZ members 45% discount, which brings the price down to $49 – fantastic value for such an engaging and effective program!