How important is the public library for home education in NZ Aotearoa?

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Kia ora! My name is Anne Goulding and I am an academic at Victoria University of Wellington researching public library services for home education. We know that the number of children being home educated in New Zealand is rising but we don’t have a very clear understanding about where home educators source the materials and resources they use for home education and what role public libraries play in supplying them. Public libraries in New Zealand have a range of information and reading resources both in print format and online that home educators can use and they also provide space, facilities and technology within local communities. But how often do you, as home educators, use public libraries, if at all? What kinds of things do you do when you visit the public library? Do you use the library website from home? If you don’t use the public library, why not? How well do you feel public libraries in New Zealand support home education?

Over the last few months I’ve been surveying public library services throughout New Zealand on the services they provide to home educators. We haven’t finished the analysis of the responses yet but some public libraries are providing specific support for home education, such as programmes covering Lego sessions and coding, while others would like to do more but are unsure what home educators and their children need in terms of resources and advice. This is your chance to tell them! I would be very grateful if you could spare ten minutes or so of your time to take the survey in the link below. The survey first asks for some information about your family and your home education history before asking you about your use of the library when you visit the library in person and when you use the library website from home. Even if you don’t use the public library, I’d really like to hear from you and find out why not. To thank you for your time and responses, we are offering three $100 vouchers (of your choice) in a prize draw. The survey is completely anonymous and if you opt to enter the prize draw, your contact details will be recorded separately from your questionnaire answers and they cannot be linked. I will be sure to send a summary of the results of the survey to NCHENZ so that you can see how your fellow home educators use public libraries and what they think of the services provided.

Please take the survey here:

And please feel free to pass on the survey link to any other home educators you know.

Many thanks!

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