Self-Care, Jane Fonda and Popcorn

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So we’re running articles on Self-care this month.

I’m all about self…and sometimes I show a little care so I reckon I qualify for this stint.

But seriously now, it’s all about goal setting right?  

Just maybe not my original goals…

You may also be familiar with a couple of them…

This year I’m going to get Jane Fonda fit, no excuses, “Strong is the new beautiful” (I actually have a t-shirt with that on. It’s mostly used as a pj top.  It’s great cos when people stop by unexpectedly I look casually sporty instead of someone who is still wearing their jammies at 3.30 in the afternoon). 

My diet will be so amazing that my healthy inner glow will stun casual bystanders.  (Written while demolishing a king sized bar of chocolate…that is truly going to be my last this time).

And how about having a home that was so spotless and organised that Ajax would be begging me to be their poster child…or was it that 100% bio-degradable, save the earth product?  There were so many.

And for sure from now on I was always going to speak softly to my children so that they would say nice things about me at my funeral (which would likely have come early due to a brain explosion from all the bottled inner frustration had I actually gone through with this goal!).

Anyways.…surprisingly none of these seemed to take off?? year, in my infinite wisdom, I decided I needed to re-jig my New Years resolutions.  I needed a goal that I could really sink my teeth in to.  One that would set me up as an achiever and remind me that I wasn’t a failure after all.

I decided that my goal for that year would be to go and see whatever I wanted at the movies and not have to wait for them to come out on DVD!   I know right??  Truly inspirational!

Well, would you know it but, a good friend decided that this was a noble goal and out of the kindness of her heart she took time out of her own busy life to support me with it. 

I can’t tell you what a strength she’s been…bless her little cotton socks!

Now I may be pushing the statute of limitations on this goal as it’s been going on for a few years now, but I’m figuring that it’s meant to continue for a little while longer.  

(I know this because I tried to join the gym over summer to take yoga classes, which I LOVE, but it was impossible to juggle the kids commitments and family time and make them match up to the class schedule. I took that as a direct sign from the universe that my weekly $20 gym sub was still better spent on a movie and a night out with friends…I think you’ll all agree).

Anyways…do I have a point to all this babble?  

Possibly not..but my theory is that life is too short to be beating ourselves up over what we think we aren’t doing…(and it hurts…I have a low pain tolerance).

Just maybe ONE little self care goal may be as valuable as conquering the world…or laundry pile?

Be kind to yourself and remember that you are probably doing better than you think you are.

And if you’re ever at the movies come sit with us.  The more the merrier right?!  😀