More on DPB and work requirements

Letter to Tarnya Burge 07-09-10 from Hon Paula Bennett

Please find linked a letter from the Hon Paula Bennett to me personally regarding the DPB and work requirements.

The relevant section of the regulation :

“6 Exemption from work test obligations: work-tested sole parents

“(1) A work-tested sole parent may apply under section 105 of the Act to be exempted from some or all of his or her work test obligations, on any ground specified in regulation 4 or in subclause (2).

“(2) A person described in subclause (1) may be granted an exemption from some or all of his or her work test obligations on the grounds that—

(a) it would be unreasonable to expect the person to undertake employment because-

(i) the person is the principal caregiver of a dependent child or foster child with special needs whose welfare would be unduly harmed if the person attended employment or training, and for whom

satisfactory alternative care arrangements are not available, or unable to be made, by the caregiver;


“(ii) the person would qualify for an invalid’s benefit under the Act; or

“(b) the person needs time to adjust to managing the care of children alone because-

“(i) the person’s spouse or partner has recently died;


“(ii) the person has recently separated from or ceased to live together with his or her spouse or partner;


“(c) both the following apply:

“(i) the person is actively engaged in teaching the person’s dependent child or foster child who is aged 5 years or is exempt from enrolment in school

under an exemption granted under section 21 or 22 of the Education Act 1989; and

“(ii) it would be unreasonable to expect the child to attend school because of the family’s circumstances.